The foundation of our vocational school was laid in September, 2009 and was completed in a short time as nearly a year with its landscaping design and then it was assigned to the university.

While the construction was going on, on the other hand  the formal application of foundation was prepared and it was represented to the regard of Higher Education Council  after  the proposal of authority of the rector and approval of University Senate.

Our school was approved to start on at the meeting of Higher Education Executive Council   in June 11, 2010, was officially founded and started working with the official letter of 17th June,2010.

The director of our school was assigned  in September  7, 2010  and  the first three lecturer began to give courses in October ,2010. At the same year within the context of  the quota of the additional position, We started education at Construction Technology Program  and Logistic Program in October 25, 2010. The programs increased  to the number of five  after Food Quality Program,  Foreign Trade Program  and Real Estate Program had established in 2010-2011 academic  term. Now, We are going on education with 4 programs actively.

We are performing with 15 academic staff, 3 administrative staff and 3 support staff at present.

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